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DogzCrew was founded in 2017 by Edi to create fun, colourful and exciting furry apparel. Using the pinnacle of DTG printing technology we can create amazing prints. 

You'll find us at many European convention including Confuzzled (UK), Eurofurence (DE), Gdakon (PL), and East (DE) during 2018.

Along with printing our own designs we are able to print your own personal designs or help supply your event with remarkable design and printing services. Get in touch over in our wholesale section!

ethical production

DogzCrew loves great design, but we also love each other and the planet we inhabit. We believe that where possible we have a duty to make a decisive decision to ethically produce quality products.

Printing and textile manufacturing has long been a dirty business associated with chemical waste, sweatshops and a general disregard to people & animals alike.

What are we doing to help this?

  • All prints are 100% vegan!
    I bet you didn't know that many inks are made from animal products. 


  • T-Shirts are made in ethical factories.
    Where possible in the UK, EU or USA. Workers get paid a fair wage.


  • Advanced Ink recycling and pre-treat printers
    Traditionally a considerable amount of ink never reaches a shirt. DogzCrew uses industry leading equipment to print our t-shirts. This equipment has an inbuilt ink recycle process. Another area of waste and environmental concern is the pre-treatment. Again, with these printers this is handled 'in-unit' to significantly reduce waste.


So when you are wearing one of our great products not only will you look awesome, you'll FEEL great!


As well as online, DogzCrew sells across Europe, America and Asia at furry conventions and events.

  • Furpocalypse 2018

  • Nordic Fuzz Con 2019

  • Gdakon 2019

  • Furry Weekend Atlanta 2019

  • Confuzzled 2019

  • Cesfur 2019

  • EAST 2019

  • Eurofurence 2019

  • Midwest Furfest 2019

Premium Furry & Pup apparel for everyone.

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